Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cool website I found...

Have you ever heard of Stackoverflow? It's a community for programmers to ask questions about programming, or even practice their programming skills as they answer other people's questions. My husband uses it all the time, he thinks it's pretty great.
Amazingly the other day I was searching for an explanation for the difference between that vs. who for people (Yes, English speakers do use 'that' for people, but not often. If you stick to 'who' for people you will almost always be correct. Use 'that' for things or job titles. Hopefully I can get a post up about that today!), and I found this webpage Stackexchange. It is a community of people talking about English word history, and English grammar explanations. I think it's amazing! Well, right now, we shall see how long my interest lasts!

My user name is Istable, so far I have asked two questions. This one about 'decline' vs. 'decrease' and one about 'have you ever been' vs. 'have you ever gone'.

I think this website will be helpful for me to improve my English grammar (i.e. get practice answering grammar questions) and also be a useful resource for my own study of English grammar. : )

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