Monday, June 20, 2011

If I want to eat my 'after-table', I will have to practercise...

On Friday I taught my first set of Business English at an office!
It actually went fairly well, the office seems pretty laid back. Which I was not expecting. Today, I went in for my second lesson with them, and the one lady got me a coffee and another student brought me some cookies! So I am taking that as an 'we don't mind you as our English teacher" sign. : )
On Friday in the lower level we did conversing on the telephone!
In order to get all of the vocabulary for taking a phone call or making a phone call, I tried to elicit the phrases from the students, the one is a secretary so she didn't have too many problems with that. I had handy little cue cards ready with the different phrases you need for answering and making phone calls. Each was colour coded to the type of speaker and the action. I thought it was pretty neat! The participants liked it, they said it was a very intensive lesson, which I was worried meant that they didn't like it. However, they all came back today and said they want to keep the pace that I have set (we will see how long that lasts!!!).
To sum up:
Taught polite telephone English/business telephone English, with cue cards. After we had the cue cards all laid out in the correct order, we practiced dialogues until they could do the dialogues without the cards : ).
P.S for those of you wondering about the title: In German dessert is Nachtisch and a direct translation is after table, my German friend who knows some English asked my husband if he was ready for his after table. I think it was a joke, but I am not sure. Either way we liked it! And the practercise, is a new favourite of mine. One of my business English students wanted to say that she needed to practice her English and that she needed to do exercises in order to do that. And she said "I need to practercise...", and the damnedest (excuse my french!) thing was I almost let it go! I almost didn't catch it. Then I thought wait a minute, you want to what?! Ah, so excellent :) We both had a good laugh...

Here are the cards I made for the telephone conversation, I hope you can see it, you might have to zoom in on your browsers!
I will figure out how to turn it soon promise!

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