Friday, June 3, 2011

Something I learned today

So today in my training, for the new private school I am working for, my trainer gave me an interesting idea. He doesn't remember where he got it from, but it was still exciting. Now, I have heard of fill in the blank listening exercises, and I think they work very well to help students with their listening comprehension. The trainer had exercises where there were no blanks, just incorrect information! Students had to listen and hear what was different;for example, years might be changed, or names spelt incorrectly, etc. I had never heard of this, so it kinda blew my mind away. Then he went one step further, though I think I have seen these, in that after reading something students are again given sentences with wrong information and they have to write the correct version (e.g. The sun rises in the west. *change to* The sun rises in the east.).
I am now really excited to make some of these...and use them! I want to see if they work as well as he says they do!!! 

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