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Book Club with gr. 9's part two

As promised here are the activities. ***I also just want to say that I would recommend reading this book with high level gr. 9's (so about 4 or 5 years of English instruction) or any grades above 9. I think you can get some really good discussions, about life and philosophy going! So enjoy!***

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

Reading Activities 

Before Reading

Look at You:

  • do you have any prejudices (an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling usually formed without thinking)
  • who do you hang out with and why
  • what are your interests/hobbies
  • what clothes do you wear(style)/how do you look/why is this important
  • what are your music choices and why
  • if the above points were gone (music, clothes, your interests, etc) how would you change (who would you be?)

Write a small report about yourself. Introduce and describe yourself, include all of the above points. Then write a short paragraph about who you would be if all of this was gone, what would be left?

During Reading

  • Keep a word journal for each chapter:
        • find and define (in English!)e at least seven new words per chapter
  • The book is split into three parts I am, I was, and I will:
        • make a short outline of each section of Naomi's life
  • Find at least five examples of Naomi changing:
        • make sure to list the page number and why you think it's important (1-2 sentences)
  • Choose a comment from the list (see attached list)and write a one paragraph response 
        • What does this comment mean?
        • What does it say about the character?
        • What does it say about the story?

After Reading

Look at the Novel

  • Choose one character  James Larkin, Will Landsman, Cass Porter, Grant Porter, Rosa Rivera, and Chloe
        • describe how their relationship with Naomi changes throughout the novel
  • Make a mind map of the old Naomi (her characteristics) and a mind map of the new Naomi include quotes to support your claims
        • now create a Venn Diagram (see attached example) to show the overlap of the two Naomis' characteristics
  • How does Naomi change in relation to being an orphan throughout the novel 
        • include quotes to support your claims
        • create a sequence chart (see attached example) to show the changes 
  • Book Review Points:
      1. Rating (for example good, bad, okay, number rating, etc)
      2. Basic Info: Title, Author, Publisher, Year Published and Number of Pages
      3. Summary: Where the story takes place (setting),When the story takes place (time),Who tells the story (narrator), Main character(s) (protagonist/antagonist[define!]),Sequence of important events (plot, but no spoilers!)
      4. Reader Reaction: Was the book well-written? Have you read any other books by the author, how do the other books compare? Would you recommend this book(Why or why not?)

Choose one task from the list

  1. Explore two of the following themes in the novel and how they are presented in the novel (Hint: Read the author's notes at the end of the novel to help you get started!): memory (amnesia and Alzheimer's), identity, predestination, chance, other people's expectations
  2. Look up the songs mentioned in the novel: 
        • choose one and describe why it was a good choice
        • make a playlist for the last four years of your life:
        • include 'footnotes/liner' notes about what each song means to you
    3. Create a short story describing yourself. Use the same structure as Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac ( I     was, I am, and I will) (get creative add pictures or drawings that represent something to you!)

   4. Choose two motifs or symbols from the list and describe how they are relevant to the story or what they add to the story (include quotes):

  • typewriters
  • books
  • orphan
  • yearbook
  • photography
  • tennis

These are just some of the ideas I came up with. If I have time later I might post the other ones. I will also have to post the comments I chose later. And the reading tips. The weather is just too nice outside to stay on the computer!

P.S The book report steps I did not make. I got them last year from some ESL reading website...I think...actually I have lost the name of the website...if you are reading this and it's from your website let me know and I will gladly put your name on it! 

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