Monday, September 5, 2011

New Website for ESL teachers

Well new for me!

It's called Busy Teacher. Seems pretty decent. After searching through a bunch (read more than 15) activities I found two good activities for my business class.
We are learning how to write emails, our text book only has activities like fill in the blanks D____ M ____:, or Yours __________.
Not the best!
But I found a work sheet that let's students go through and decide which word is appropriate (pg 5 I think on the Email English Handouts sheets) and the other one (pg 11 I believe) is writing informal or formal emails. It just talks the students through writing an email (i.e gives them a reason to email etc.)  and tells them who they are emailing (friend or business).
Hopefully these will be a good change from our normal vocabulary drilling and listening exercises that our textbook (and this company) wants us to do (thinks is the way to learn English!).

The only downside is that you do have to sign up to download their handouts, but so far it seems like I won't be spammed (I told them not to send me their WEEKLY newsletter).

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