Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Tenses....oh my!

English tenses!

I remember when I was taking my English grammar course during my TESL studies I loved the English tenses section! My professor had an excellent sheet on them all; however, I left that sheet in Canada when I came to Germany >.<. So when I went back for holidays in July I searched through all my boxes, but to no avail, it seems to have jumped ship! I will have to email her and ask if she can forward it me....maybe....
Until then though I found a decent replacement on Englishstackexchange, the diagram in particular makes me happy :).
This is exactly what I needed as I am now teaching an English 3B business course and for some reason I need to teach them the Future present continuous and Future present simple, which they do not like.
"Teacher, why can't we just use 'will'? Why do I need "have" and "been" and "-ing verbs!?"
"Teacher, can't I just say I worked here for 20 years next week?"
Anyways, I really just wanted to post something since it's been sooo long! That's it for now!

Edit: So I got excited too fast, there are a couple of tenses missing from this answer for example the future "going to", but that's all right I will just have to add that in! 

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