Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Past Tense Grammar Lesson

So I made this lesson for two kids I teach who are referred to as native speakers because they each have at least one English parent.
It went over fairly well, the two students are in gr. 5 at a Gymnasium and as of yet they haven't learned their irregular verbs.
But of course since they do speak some English at home they are able to guess the verbs, and also the tenses.
It was interesting watching them figure out the different forms :)

Anyways here are the activities that I made up, feel free to use or improve! Message me if you use it, let me know how it goes for you, or how you improve it, I would love to know!


Present or Past?
Read these sentences carefully. First underline the verb. Then in the space provided write present or past to show the tense!

  1. Yesterday, I ate a big juicy red apple at lunch. ___________
  2. I want to go to bed! __________
  3. Who's calling? _________
  4. That wasn't a cat, it was a dog! ___________ ___________
  5. How'd you know that? ____________
  6. I'm doing the dishes. ___________
  7. Sorry she's not here right now. ____________
  8. What's your name again? _________
  9. Stop doing that! ___________
  10. Today, was the worst day of my life. ___________
  11. How could you do that? ___________
  12. How'd you do that? ____________
  13. What'd you get on the test? ____________
  14. Is it hard to play the piano? ____________
  15. Didn't he say he wanted to go home? ___________
  16. How's the weather in London? ___________
  17. No, I don't know where he is. ____________
  18. What's your cat's name again? ____________
  19. Have you seen my pet penguin? His name's Bill. ___________ ___________
  20. Are you sure you don't want to come in? It's raining pretty hard. ___________ ___________

Mix and Match verbs in the past
First unscramble the words in the present and past columns.
Then match the verbs in the present with the verbs in the past.

Present Tense
Past Tense










Write the story again!

Read the following story and re-write it in the past! Underline the verbs so you can see them! Watch out for words that describe time and make sure to change them as well!

I am going to school today like every other day. Something is different though. The teacher is eating chips in class! I don't know why. He sees me and waves, I wave back, but I am still confused. The window is open and out of nowhere comes a bird! It flies right through the window towards the teacher and his chips. Luckily the teacher is wearing his winter gloves. He quickly grabs the bird with both hands and says, “Sorry Mr. Bird, you have to leave!”. Amazingly, the bird leaves, it flies right back out the window! I have never seen anything like that. The bell rings and I meet my friends in the schoolyard to tell them the crazy story. Suddenly I wake up and realize it's just a dream.
Use the space below to re-write the story in past tense!

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