Thursday, April 14, 2011

Podcasting Project Update

So, after some minor technical difficulties we finally made it!
The students have all recorded two attempts at the Tongue Twister activities. Most of them even practised!
We also practised as a class one day, we had a Tongue Twister contest. There were five groups of four students, and each team member was responsible for four tongue twisters, there were 16 in total. Then for each tongue twister the teams sent up one person, then we had the twist off. They were given generally two chances, since it can be hard to tell right off the bat whose the best! Generally, after the first round two or three students would be left, then just two, then a winner! Each time a team's contestant won the team got a point. And obviously at the end we added the points and there was a winner. Of course there was a tie, so they had to do a hard tongue twister to win. 'Twas amazing, they were all so riled up, and I also gave some good Canadian prizes (maple leaf pins, magnets, stickers, and pencils). I was iffy about the prizes, teenagers sometimes think being cool is better than a prize, but I guess I shouldn't have been so worried they kept coming up after class asking if I had any more pencils! :)

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