Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Email Activity for intermediate Business English Class

Just found this link. It's for the Top 5 most useless Phrases in Emails.

I think it is pretty accurate.

I am going to use it in my English tutoring lessons this week.

Activity wise:

Introduction discussion about emails, what kind of emails does the learner write, do they write or read a lot of business or personal emails. How often?

Print it off, with the cartoon. Maybe do a quick discussion about how our perception of Email has changed over the years.

Then read through the article. Check vocabulary.

Discuss what the learner agrees with or disagrees with.

Then see if the learner has any tips or tricks for writing business emails.

Conclusion: maybe write a quick business email using the new phrases. Or, if possible, look at an email written by the learner and see if they commit any of the "sins" mentioned on this website.

Simple 10-15 minute activity depending on how interested the learner is and how much time you have.



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