Monday, March 28, 2011

Los now!

just to be clear the title of this blog is more of a joke for myself and friends...the longer we live here the less English we are able to speak...although I am supposed to teach it....
Some examples:
1) instead of saying the Canadian 'eh' at the end of our sentences we find ourselves saying 'or'
2) frequently used German words are just put into the English sentence, or if the word sounds nicer in German depending on the speaker: I'll meet you at the hauptbahnhof or?, So the Klatmiete for this place is...
3) the way I tell time is changing, I find myself thinking in 24 hour time and saying things like: Let's meet up at half 19!
4) It is enjoyable to me (talking about why i liked doing something)

Anyways just wanted to let that be known...hopefully I can find some more time to make this blog actually interesting!
Bis dann!

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